Asbestos re-inspection surveys will form part of your on-going asbestos management plan. (It is essentially a check up of all the known asbestos at your site). 


The condition of the previously identified asbestos will be checked for signs of damage (as well as other factors). Your report should then be updated or issued a new asbestos register.


The frequency of the asbestos re-inspection must not exceed 12 months, but it could be less depending on the risk that the asbestos poses.

Over time, asbestos based products can degrade, weather or be accidentally damaged (thereby causing the risks associated with the material to significantly change). This type of survey plays a big part in managing asbestos safely in the long run.


We can re-inspect and update asbestos surveys that have been carried out by other companies in the past. If your existing asbestos report is over 12 months old, you should look at getting a re-inspection carried out ASAP.

Asbestos surveys


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